Living the COVID life

24 March 2020
by Tseen Khoo

Image from the Goethe-Institut Chicago | from the Goethe-Institut Chicago |

I’ve always enjoyed memes but I never thought I’d come to depend on them to recalibrate my moods.

I’m a person who loves working from home, using communication technologies, and social media. I also tend towards introversion.

You would think that shifting to the current context would be easy and even desirable, with so many of my colleagues and organisations in the sector moving to online-only ‘campuses’ and teaching/research from home. I thought so, too, for about three days or so…

But let me start at the beginning:

My COVID life started ten days ago when our family decided to self-isolate, which meant keeping the kids home from school, me working from home, and minimising going out. We had several reasons, including a tri-generational household in which my mother lives with us. She is 85 years old and has several other health conditions. She is not frail, but neither is she incredibly robust. She is her age. We did not want to be cavalier with her health, or that of others.

Which brings me to our strongest…

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