Fighting with my thesis: Juggling a PhD and the life of a fighter (part 1)

PhD students are all brain and no brawl. True? Not really. The life of a PhD student is more than just the university. Imagine then if you have to juggle the many challenges of the PhDLife with being a Muay Thai fighter. Nora Castle, PhD student in the department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, knows this reality very well. How does she do it? Read more to find out the exciting and very bruised daily life of an academic fighter.

PhD student Nora will have her first official fight on the S3 show in Coventry on March 14th. I accompany her daily struggles trying to fit in studying, networking, teaching, and training at her local gym, 8 Limbs Academy. For this post I’ve interviewed her to get a sense of her thoughts on this juggling act.

Sports and mental health

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Doing any activity outside of academia to remind yourself you are not just a thinking head is a great solution to the mental toll it takes to be an academic. I know from experience that going for a swim after spending many hours reading theory in the library is reinvigorating. Punching bags can have the same effect. When you are in the ring or hitting pads, you have a controlled environment to focus your energy on.

Nora, originally from Queens, NY, studied at the…

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